04.08.2019 STAGE 2 – TARNOWSKIE GóRY – KATOWICE / 153 KM

The second stage will definitely be a chance for sprinters to show off their skills. A flat, but technically difficult route leads from Tarnowskie Góry to Katowice. After the start, the peloton will face a 32-kilometre section around Tarnowskie Góry, then head south. There are three LOTTO Sprint Intermediate Primes on the route – in Piekary ?l?skie, Siemianowice ?l?skie and Katowice. The latter will take place under the slogan PCK (Polish Red Cross) celebrates its 100th anniversary). Also in Katowice, the riders will compete for two fourth category TAURON Mountain Primes. The peloton will perform three 20-kilometre rounds and fight for positions at the finish line at Katowice`s Spodek Stadium.


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